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  • Important Information: The Tips For Using the New System have been UPDATED.
  IMPORTANT NOTE: Before making a UI tax payment by ACH Debit for the first time, the ACH Debit Authorization Request form must be completed and faxed to (775) 684-6351 for approval. The form can be downloaded at http://ui.nv.gov/PDFS/RPT7011.pdf. The Authorization request forms must be returned two weeks before the anticipated first payment date.
  April 6, 2016 - Tips for using the new Employer Self-Service (ESS) online system have been updated to include responses to the most frequently asked questions. See the link:
  • Tips for Using the New System
    September 28, 2015 - Professional Employer Organizations (PEO): NRS 616B.691(1) has been amended to deem the client company of an employee leasing company to be the employer of the employees it leases for the purposes of chapter 612 of NRS pertaining to unemployment compensation. As such, it will now be necessary for the client companies of an employee leasing company to register for unemployment insurance (UI). The client company will now have primary responsibility as the employer for submitting required quarterly UI tax and wage reports, payment of UI tax and bond contributions, and respond to notices from the Employment Security Division. The law change becomes effective October 1, 2015 making the Q4-2015 quarter the first quarter of liability for UI taxes if paying wages in the amount of $225 or more during that quarter. Registration for UI should occur within 30 days after reaching the $225 threshold. Q4-2015 quarterly reporting is due on February 1, 2016. Late reporting and payments result in late fees that can be avoided if you file on time. Registration is best done online through ESS by clicking here.
    September 28, 2015 - Popup Blocker Requirements To use the ESS website, please disable your browser's popup blocker.
     The Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation offices and call centers are closed for all Federal and State holidays with the exception of Columbus Day
     Due to regularly scheduled system maintenance, the Division’s computer system may at times be unavailable Wednesdays from approximately 5:00pm to 7:30pm, and Saturdays with varied outage times based on business need.
    April 06, 2016 - You may "opt out" of recieving quarterly reports in the mail: In order to "opt out" of continuing to recieve quarterly report forms via the mail, you must go to your Employer Summary screen (ESS) and select Reports from the left side menu. Next, click on Reporting Options, read and click the "Important Information" acknowledgement regarding ongoing responsibility to file timely directly as the employer or by authorizing a reporting service to file on your behalf. To complete the "opt out" process select DO Not Send.
    SUTA Dumping & Unemployment Insurance Rate Manipulation SUTA is the acronym for the State Unemployment Tax Act. SUTA Dumping is any tax evasion scheme designed to manipulate the Unemployment Insurance (UI) experience rating system in an effort to avoid paying taxes.

    When a low UI rate is obtained through manipulation, payroll from another entity with a high rate is shifted to the account with the lower rate. The entity with the higher rate is then "dumped." The entity closes the higher rated account and the charges are apportioned to the other employers in the state, leaving them to pay the unpaid tax. This undermines and compromises the experience rating system, leaving honest employers to pay for the unpaid taxes left by the high rated accounts that were "dumped" and left unpaid.