UI Self Service System
Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Why Do I have to have a new Login Account for UInv?
A:  The new UInv system requires that a user have a new login account.  The new login will allow you to process and view your claim online through the web.  The new-login is designed to better safeguard and protect data across the Internet.

Q:  Why do I have to answer so many questions when entering my UI claim?
A:  Insufficient or incorrect collection of initial claim information results in longer delay for benefit payment.   UInv has been enhanced and improved to capture necessary and pertinent information to properly process your claim.  By providing the necessary information up-front, versus after the fact, your UI claim is processed more quickly and efficiently.

Q:  What is UInv?
A:  UInv is a comprehensive and newly integrated computer solution that streamlines and modernizes the delivery of Unemployment Insurance (UI) services to Nevada’s UI constituents.  UInv is the result of a multi-year multi-phase technology and business project to improve and enhance UI processing. 

Q:  Why UInv?
A:  Nevada’s previous UI system, which was 30+ years old, had reached its end-of-life and was no longer able to accommodate the many system changes required to meet newer Federal and State UI mandated processing directives.  A change in overall system architecture and technology was needed to improve and allow for greater use of Internet and online web capabilities.