System Information

System Security

  • The Self Service System is a secure encrypted site.

  • Please be advised the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) will not send out text messages or emails advertising websites or products.  If you receive a text message or email of this type you should immediately delete the email.

System Availability

The system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Exception(s) to availability are listed below:

  • Due to the increased demand for services, the system experiences peak usage on Sundays, especially during the period of 12:00 am (Midnight) until 03:00 am.  If you experience a service delay during these hours, please wait thirty (30) minutes and attempt to file your claim again.

System Requirements

  • Supported browsers include Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.  Out of date versions or other browsers may not function correctly.

  • The Self Service System may not run on some Macintosh Computers or Safari browsers.

  • Your Internet Options-Security should be set to Medium or lower.

  • Your Internet Options-Security must have JavaScript and Cookies enabled.

  • Popup-blocking software must be disabled when using the Internet Claims System.

  • Mobile web is not currently supported and may produce unpredictable results.  This includes iPads, iPhones, tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices.

If you have problems with pop-ups, technical problems with the Claimant Self Service System,
or for questions specific to your Claim:

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